Another Great Review for Diamond-T!

“I really loved reading this book. The character weaves in and out of time, and LaBrie is able to paint such vivid pictures with his writing, capturing drastically different settings of the first half of the 20th century in rich detail.

The book flows easily and yet it’s also rich with layers of meaning. It’s suspenseful, action-filled, witty, and deeply psychological, so I think anyone would really enjoy reading it and get a lot out if it. Plus, the protagonist is really relatable, even for me as a female. Even after finishing, I still find myself thinking about him and his journey. I’m going to buy several copies of the book for people for the holidays because I’m so eager to talk about it. There’s so much to take away.

Highly recommended!”

— Kate Goldhouse
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Diamond-T available in print/Kindle on Amazon HERE



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