eye of the diamond t

It’s more than a quest

Nick Pente’s life has just crashed.

It’s early dawn in the winter of 1957. He’s hanging from the edge of legendary Route 66 in Northern Arizona, suspended over the snow-covered rails below. He shudders behind the steering wheel of his Diamond-T semi-truck, its enormous engine still humming. It dangles by no more than a splinter from an icy railroad bridge. As the Santa Fe Super Chief approaches below, he hears the horn blast. The bridge shakes. Nick watches and waits.

He is aware.

Somewhere behind him are those two men in the black Mercury. They had tailed him for his last thousand miles down the main street of America. For what? Why? Nick only knows is that he must not let his self-awareness fade. He must not let his psychological “dead spot” take him down. Not now.

“I am aware. I am Nick Pente. I am aware” he softly repeats to no one.

The train nears, the truck tips downward, and the timeline explodes. Then, the adventure begins. Nick will learn more about the world that betrayed him and his own identity than he ever before imagined.


“Bill LaBrie has crafted a lyrical hero’s journey, with rich characters and vivid descriptions worthy of Stephen King at his best. Eye of the Diamond T is a magical and thrilling adventure that spans the years and ventures into the depths of human consciousness.”—Sean Ellis, author of Fortune Favors


Eye of the Diamond T is the debut novel by author Bill LaBrie. Available now on print/Kindle on Amazon, and wherever fine e-books are sold.

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  1. Loved your poem “Broken Things.” Couldn’t find any place there to comment so am doing so here. Have also read the opening essay on your blog and I am your newest follower. Good work, Bill…Judy

  2. Received your book as a Christmas gift from my son,because the title said Diamond T. I’ve been collecting them for 50 years and thanks to you have read my 2nd what I call science fiction book.Did enjoy the book but I’ll stick to history and historical biographies .
    Question is ,where did the Diamond T come from? Lots of information about the 921 model, but In reading your acknowledgements it is not mentioned .Just curious

    1. Hi Marc, and thanks for reading! Glad you enjoyed, even if it’s a little outside the normal fare. It is for most people, really. 🙂

      The Diamond-T’s were beautiful machines in many ways. I’m happy to hear you’re an enthusiast and collector!

      As a kid I had seen the Diamond-T logo many times in books and museums and even on the road. When I was in Europe during college I was immersed in the study of symbols and signs. Everything was a sign to me back then. The Diamond-T logo had stuck in my mind as something almost mystical or even Kabbalistic. When I got the image in mind of the truck hanging off the bridge (and all the symbolism that entailed) I couldn’t imagine Nick’s vision being filled with the Peterbilt or Mack script. It had to be the stylized T. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the 921 could symbolize everything that was good, strong, and confident about the US at the time (like Nick), just hanging off the bridge and soon to be shattered.

      I was lucky enough in 2013 to have run across a group of antique truck collectors in California having a show near San Luis Obispo. They knew of one member who owned Nick’s truck, basically. He wasn’t there that day and they only had a few grainy pictures to show me, but I’d love to catch up with him someday.

      Take care, and thanks again for reading!

      1. There is a Diamond T 921 for sale on ebay and craigslist. Looks nice but is different with a cummins engine and is only a single axle. marc

      2. Wish I had a place to put one! Little big for a daily driver, too. 😉

        But if you have any emblems or insignia or even a hood ornament (or know someone who does), I might be interested.

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