The Author

Bill LaBrie was born into a family of traveling musicians whose livelihood depended on the roads that would eventually inspire  Eye of the Diamond T.

As a child he spent many long hours standing on the transmission humps of various Cadillacs and Oldsmobiles as his mother and father carried their musical instruments from gig-to-gig throughout the American west. He took in much of what he saw through the windshield along the way–and the music he heard almost every night–and processed it over the decades that followed.

Eventually settling in a down-and-out West Phoenix neighborhood, he was homeschooled through most of his adolescence. He started writing short stories and skits at the age of nine. His first job out of high school involved traversing the vast Native American lands in northern Arizona, learning native ways and cultures from the individuals he met while servicing electronic equipment on the reservations.

College took Bill to New Hampshire, where he was awarded a scholarship to attend the great-books program at Thomas More College. The second semester of the sophomore year, his entire class studied at a campus in Rome, Italy no more than half a mile from the Vatican. His four months spent enveloped in the myths of ancient Europe provided the basis of what was to become the magical part of Diamond T.

Bill lives in Phoenix with his son and a cat.  He is surrounded by and interesting assortment of friends and colleagues who encourage him.


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