Reviews are In!

Some great reviews for Diamond-T on Amazon now.

I was sure it would have something in it for everyone: Something to love, something to hate. It’s anything but “default lit.”

The book begins with a seemingly straightforward, harrowing action scene. A tractor trailer dangles precariously over an icy bridge overlooking railroad tracks. A train approaches, and the disoriented, injured driver wonders if his violent demise approaches with it. But to give a simple plot synopsis does this book a disservice. A much broader story is being told than is contained within the events on the page.

As the story progresses (often by digressing, in unexpected but satisfying ways), the driver, Nick Pente, is revealed to be more than just another faceless pop-fiction hero. Both relatable and mysterious, it is exceedingly easy to root for him as he slowly discovers the degree to which his life is (or isn’t?) under his own control. Troubling but telling memories of his past are interwoven with his current predicament, forming a narrative that both engages and intrigues. Nick Pente is a protagonist that maintains familiarity without risking the reader losing sight of what he represents. However he is well-crafted enough as a character, that “what he represents” will differ from reader to reader.

One indicator that an author knows his craft, and has a firm grasp on the story he’s trying to tell, is the degree to which the seemingly unimportant details end up speaking to a larger theme. Bill LaBrie’s writing allows almost all of these details to become full-fledged symbolic elements in the mind of a thoughtful reader. Beyond the evocative and very satisfying narrative lies a thick layer of broader meaning that qualifies “Eye of the Diamond-T” as top-notch fiction. It is a Hero’s Journey story that balances ample entertainment with a clear sense of mythological import.

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